Metric Gauges

Metric Gauges: Manufacturers, Suppliers
We are one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of best quality metric thread gauges. Our business approach is simple and ethical where all the terms and conditions are customer friendly. Low budget and cost effective pricing are our strategies for providing good products and services to each client.

What is metric thread gauge:
A metric thread gauge is the most common type of thread gauge used in joining various components. These are used to check the internal threaded hole and for measuring the sizes of different machinery parts like nuts, screws and bolts. Metric gauges are precision engineered to meet the industrial national as well as international standards. Pressure measurement in the vibrating area of different machines can be successfully done with the help of these type of gauges. The structure of these gauges offer knobs and slots with easy to read markings that will not get damaged. These are used to gauge and measure nuts and washers using the knob on the opposite end. Below are the details of basic dimensions and gauging practice as per Indian standard.

Below are some of the features associated with our gauges:

1.These products provide a smooth finishing surface and corrosion resistant.
2.The material used to prepare the product is steel which is a hard metal which provides long durability and tough enough to wear.
3.These gauges depict a simple operation, stable function and high precision.
4.The devices are structured in a way to ensure accurate measurement.
5.High grade inner packaging which is anti-rust and moisture-proof.
6.The devices offer a high quality product and competitive pricing.

The raw materials required for production of metric gauges are procured from reliable sources and known vendors from the market. We have garnered a large number of client base for our products based on the high quality products which we deliver to our customers. We have developed a practice of keeping ourselves updated with the latest development in the field of technology related with the manufacturing and supplying of thread gauges. We also conduct training sessions for our staff to keep them in line with the regular advancement happening in the said field. Our production planning is scheduled in a way that we are able to deliver the orders from our customers well in time so that they remain satisfied.