Trapezodial Gauges

Trapezoidal Gauges: Manufacturers, Suppliers
We are one of the leading suppliers of the trapezoidal gauges. We procure these gauges only from credit worthy manufacturers of these type of gauges. We have garnered a large number of customers for our trapezoidal gauges due to the supply of best quality gauges in the industry

What is a trapezoidal gauge:
A trapezoid is a four sided shape, of which one pair of side is parallel. It is a two dimensional figure alike to a square or a rectangle. Hence, this shape also have same area as other shapes have. These gauges are mainly used for feed and lift transmission and as a device to adjust the position in the machinery industry. These are also frequently used in fastening connections in the field of electronics. These are used for translation motion in lead screws, where fast movement is needed and also in screw jacks where load to be shared is much higher. However, it cannot be used for precision transmission where utmost accuracy is required. These gauges are mainly required for application in industries such as textile, mechanical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, petro chemical plants and oil refineries. Our trapezoidal gauges are made up from high density steel and brass.

Below are some of the features of these type of gauges:
Material: Mild Steel
Trapezoidal Thread ring gauges and plug gauges with a 30° angle range.
Diameter range: from 8 mm to 355 mm
Pitches area covered: 1.5 mm to 12 mm
Tolerance class: Internal thread 6H, 7H, 8H; External thread: 6e, 7e, 8c
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