Screw Plug Gauges

Screw Gauges: manufacturers, suppliers.
Harshman Gauges and Engineering company is committed to manufacture and supply best quality screw gauges in the market. We have a mission to keep our customers satisfied with the quality of our products and the best available services in the industry.

What are screw gauges:
It is a device used to measure correct dimensions of small objects, to be more specific these objects range up to 0.001 mm. Application of a screw gauge includes measurement of thickness of a metal plate or diameter of a wire. Generally, the use of gun metal is made to manufacture high quality screw gauges. The reason for this is gun metal has minimum wear and tear conditions and it can be used at a continuous pace for a long period of time.

A screw gauge has below mentioned functions and parts namely:
1.Sleeve: It symbolizes the base line and main scale of the gauge.
2.Main scale: The main function of main scale is to read the length correct up to 1 mm.
3.Ratchet: It fixes the screw by turning it until the object gets tightened between the main parts of the screw.
4.Thimble: It shows the circular scale.

We have in house manufacturing facilities to produce best quality screw gauges and supply in the market to our customers. We make use of the most latest and modern technology to fabricate our products and we do believe keeping ourselves updated about the changes and advancements in the technology. Our staff is made aware of all the new changes in our training sessions which we arrange for our employees. Our quality technicians and experts look after the production and the quality of our products that way the procurement of raw materials is done from renowned sources in the market. We manufacture screw gauges with a capacity ranging from 0.99 mm up to 457 mm.

A couple of features associated with the screw gauges can be listed as below:
1.These are loaded with easy to rotate frictionless spindles.
2.They are less in weight and simple to operate.
3.The design of the screw gauge is compact one.
4.These are corrosion resistant.
5.Quick and precise measurement is easily possible.
6.The construction of these devices is made in a way that they depict zero error.