BSP Gauges

BSP Gauges: Manufacturers, Suppliers
We are a key manufacturers and suppliers of different types industrial gauges. We are one of the prominent supplier of tungsten carbide gauges along with best quality of BSP threaded gauges. Providing an extensive range of gauges to our esteemed clients has been our priority. We have accumulated a large number of satisfied customers by delivering high quality products. Our experienced staff have shown their expertise in manufacturing and supplying of high quality gauges to our customers. Our customer centric approach helps in designing ethical business policies and we develop cost effective pricing strategy for our customers.

What are BSP thread gauges:
British Standard Pipe gauges is a tool that is used for measuring the diameter of the thread in a screw. This gauges are made up with premium class raw materials steel, chrome and carbide and come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, used by many industries for high quality pressure gauge connections. These are prepared in accordance with global industrial standards. BSP includes a number of standard screw thread types mainly used for interconnecting and sealing pipe ends. These types are used in identification and measurement of pipe threads and in creating chains of stitches which make the work more easy. In the current scenario, it has become easy to manufacture such devices with the help of CNC machines and 3D printers. With the help of these gauges the sewing machine manufacturers are able to make their own sewing patterns.

Below are the types of BSP thread gauges:
1.BSPP / Parallel or straight threads: BSPP is also known by G thread or a BSP parallel thread. These threads have pitch and angle with a 55 degree cone. These are available as female and male. Parallel threads come with the same diameter. In this type the seal is accomplished with the use of O-ring.

2.BSPT/ Taper thread :In this type the female thread is parallel and the male thread is tapered. Even this type has a 55 degree pitch and angle. This is a taper thread and they are narrower as they extend out wards. Here, the seal is accomplished with metal to metal wedging. Sometimes these are referred to as R threads.