Thread Plug Gauges

Thread Plug Gauges: Suppliers
We believe that the only thing which is constant is change. To stay competitive in todays’ world the manufacturing companies must be able to integrate innovative business models and technologies to accelerate the production process. To be able to cope with the challenges, we keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the manufacturing of thread gauges. We are the suppliers of one of the best quality thread plug gauges to all our customers within India.

What is a thread plug gauge:
Thread plug gauges are highly specific measurement tools used to assure the assembly of mating parts and support conformity to the standards. These are used to check tolerances of the threaded parts, specifically the checking of internal threads is done by plug gauges. For a thread to be within its permissible dimensions, a Go plug gauge should screw into internal thread and a No Go plug should not screw into it. Plug gauges are mainly used to check holes of many different sizes and shapes. These gauges are available for straight cylindrical holes, tapered and threaded square. The application industries where the plug gauges are used includes automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, engineering and so on.

There are certain features associated with the use of thread plug gauge which can be highlighted as below:

1.These tools depict an optimum performance and show an high efficiency.
2.It provides an excellent polished finish.
3.It provides a high accuracy in terms of results.
4.It is designed in a manner that has two ends, a GO and No Go.
5.It is considered to be one of the best measurement tool for various applications.

Thread Plug Gauges : Dia range 1.3 to 210 mm
Thread Ring Gauges : Dia range 1.3 to 200 mm
Taper Thread Plug Gauges : Any Kind of taper up to1:8, Dia. range 4 to 190 mm
Taper Thread Ring Gauges Ring Gauge : Any Kind of taper up to1:8, Dia. range 4 to 190 mm
Plain Plug Gauges : Dia range 0.8 mm to 600 mm
Plain Ring / Master Gauges : Dia range 1.2 to 300mm
Snap Gauges : Dia range.1.2 to 500 mm
Special Thread Gauges : Forms like Buttres, Trapezoidal, Acme, Pg, B.A, BSCY, BS cond. in single as Well as multistart can be manufactured in above said dia range.
Special Purpose Gauges : Squareness, Concentricity, depth checking, flush pin Gauges & as per drawing Gauges can be manufactured in above said dia. range.