Unified Gauges

Unified Gauges: Manufacturers, Suppliers
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of best quality unified thread gauges and other related products. We make use of latest techniques and the best available resources to manufacture this exceptional product. Our team consists of experienced and qualified staff who are always ardent in manufacturing high quality product in the market.

What are unified gauges:
The unified thread gauges are typically cylindrical in shape and are fabricated from a stainless steel material with a high tolerance bore at the center. These gauges are majorly used for fastening applications for imperial system of units. These are manufactured as per american standard and basic dimensions. The main purpose of these type of gauges is checking of threaded parts. These are metrology devices used for gaging outer diameters of a variety of parts. These are corrosion resistant and rust proof devices meant for long term utilization.

A couple of features are associated with the use of unified threads which can be mentioned as under:

1.These devices display an ease for the purpose of their use.
2.These are known for their accuracy and the results displayed.
3.This instrument provides optimum performance and god results.
4.They are strong and sturdy in their appearance and can be utilized for a longer period of time.

Our Method:
We have made it a practice to follow customer centric approach that will satisfy the requirements of our customers. We are experts in manufacturing customized gauges as per the dimensions and specifications as required by our customers. We do understand the urgent requirements of our customers and design our production schedules in a way that all our orders reach to our respective customers within the pre-planned time. Our pricing strategy has always been cost effective for our clients.