Snap Gauges

Snap Gauges: Suppliers
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What are snap gauges:
Snap gauges also termed as gap gauges can be described as metrology tools used to check the diameter of a part of material. These tools are outlined in a way to provide a quick Go/ No Go decisions on cylinders, shafts, grooves and other parts related with the machining operations. To be precise, snap gauges are functioned to perform evaluation of the outside diameters of a particular part or object. These are used for checking dimensions on both cylindrical and non-cylindrical parts, whereas ring gauges are used for cylindrical parts only. Specifically, this is used as a perfect tool for inspection and quality control. The main purpose of a snap gauge is to operate as a means of determining, whether the outside dimensions of the part are within its specified tolerances.

The earliest type of snap gauges were fixed gauges, denoting that the Go / No Go gauge sizes and tolerance were set for a given gauge and no adjustment was possible. So to check different dimensional values different gauges were needed. Later, changes were made by making an addition of an indicator to the movable part of the gauge, thereby increasing the versatility of the tools and increasing their measurement range.

The different types of snap gauges can be mentioned as below: 1.Fixed snap gauges: These are designed to assess the dimensional tolerance for a single value of the parameter.
2.Adjustable snap gauges: These are additionally uploaded with a locking mechanism to allow the dimension parameter to adjust to different values as per the demand of metrology.
3.Combined snap gauges: In this type of gauges, the Go / No Go dimensional gauges are on the same side of the tool, with the Go gauge on the outer side and No Go gauge towards the interior side. These are also termed as progressive snap gauges because the gauging process is done sequentially with the Go gauge contacting the object/ part initially, before the No Go gauge come is contact with the same.
4.Double ended snap gauges: These type of snap gauges have a double C frame wherein the Go gauge is on one side and the No Go gauge on the other side.
5.Dial snap gauges: These are also known by another name of snap indicator gauges, these add a display to the tool ,may be either analog or digital to exhibit an indication of the amount of deviation from the nominal value set forth by part being gaged.
6.Thread snap gauges: These are also referred to as thread calipers, used to check acceptability of externally threaded parts rather than smooth finished surfaces.