Square Thread Gauges

Square Thread Gauges: Manufacturers, Suppliers.
We are manufacturers and suppliers of high-end square thread gauges. One of the best quality of thread gauges are manufactured by us at our in house production unit. We have one of the remarkable production facilities at our unit, where we have employed experienced staff to cater to the requirements of large number of customers.

What are square thread gauges:
Square thread gauges are square shaped cross section threads made up of stainless steel metal. These are frequently used in those applications where high power transmission is required along with high load capacity. In this device, the thread flanks are perpendicular to the thread axis. The efficiency of these type of threads reduces the abrasion of the system. In those cases, where side loading is likely to occur this type of gauges become useful. At the time of operation with these thread gauges it becomes necessary to maintain axial alignment. Due to the unique thread strength of square threads, these are used for more time with industrial power translation applications, where increased efficiency matters.

There are certain pros and cons of the square thread gauges which can be summarized as under: Advantages:
1.These devices display lower number of threads per axial distance.
2.These threads allows reduced power loss to friction.
3.Square thread gauges are more efficient as compared with trapezoidal threads.
4.There is no radial pressure with the usage of this threads.

1.These type of threads are difficult to manufacture as compared with trapezoidal threads.
2.The abrasion part or the wear of these threads cannot be compensated, whereas this is possible with trapezoidal threads.
3.These threads have less load carrying capacity in comparison with trapezoidal , reason for this being the thread thickness at the core is very less.
4.These threads depict a significantly increased cost.

These type of gauges are mostly used in pulp and paper industry, textile industry, mechanical engineering industries and so on. Utilization of latest technology and most modern equipment is done from our end to achieve products of high quality. Technology and systems update is always undertaken by us to be in constant touch with the changing trends in the market. Due to this it is easily possible for us to maintain the best quality of our products.