Thread Ring Gauges

Thread ring gauges: Suppliers
We are a prime supplier of precise parts and components as utilized in a host of unique industrial applications. We supply variety of products with different range and dimensions which are required by various industries. We provide a comprehensive line of gauges to our different customers including screw thread ring gauges, wholesale snap gauges, plain taper gauges and so on.

What is a thread ring gauge:
Thread ring gauge/ gage are small round metal parts used to check the outside major diameter and pitch diameter limits on threaded parts. These gauges are originated to be used for go/no go gauging and used for inspecting external screw threads of manufactured metal parts. The selection of correct sized thread ring gauges for the corresponding external threaded product should be perfect. Ring gauges are used for checking, calibrating or setting of gauges or other standards. A ring gauge is non-versatile in nature as it is structured in a way that range of sizes . To measure multiple thread sizes using this type of gauge requires several sizes of ring gauges and this will be expensive.

Certain types of thread ring gauges can be mentioned as under:
1.Go ring gauges: These gauges are outlined in a manner to verify the upper tolerance limit of the outer diameter of the part. If the go ring gauge accurately fits in the outer diameter that means the maximum allowable material condition for that part has not been exceeded.
2.No go ring gauges: These are structured in a way that they check the lower tolerance limit on the outer diameter of the part. In case, the no ring gauge does not fit over the outer diameter of the part, that means the minimum allowable material condition for the part is accurate.
3.Master ring gauges: These are the gauges which are used for mastering of other metering instruments. These can be used to set other measuring instruments by providing a measurement standard for evaluation purposes, example of such instruments can be internal micrometers or bore gauges.

Thread Plug Gauges : dia range from 1.3 to 210 mm
Thread Ring Gauges : dia range from 1.3 to 200 mm
Plain Plug Gauges : dia range from 0.8 mm to 600 mm
Plain Ring / Master Gauges : dia from range 1.2 to 300mm
Snap Gauges : dia range from 1.2 to 500 mm
Special Thread Gauges: forms like buttres, trapezoidal, acme, Pg, B.A, BSCY, BS cond in single as well as multi-start can be manufactured in above said dia range.
Special Purpose Gauges : Squareness, Concentricity, depth checking, flush pin Gauges & as per drawing Gauges can be manufactured in above said dia. range.
Delivery Time: Many of the gauges are Ex-Stock